About Herb Doctor

The Founder of Herb Doctor is Susie Ashley N.D M.H. Susie has been working with herbs & natural ingredients since 1987. Susie grows a lot of her own organic vegetables, fruits, berries & herbs.

Susie’s 1st qualification was in Aromatherapy in 1990 then, after demonstrating a natural affinity for natural healing, many other qualifications followed.

Diplomas in: Naturopathy; Medical Herbalist; Iridology; Mechanotherapy (which includes massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology); Diet & Nutrition; Phytotherapy ( study of plants); Toxicology of plants; and Ayurvedic Medicine. Certificates in: Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Infant Massage Instructor & Homoeopathy.

Susie has managed a very successful practice in Victoria Australia since 1994, offering her patients the benefits of her collective wisdom gathered from all of her study and life experience.

Susie is a motivational therapist. People may come into the clinic feeling down but leave the clinic happy and with a spring in their step! Herb Doctor is a great believer in surrounding yourself with positive things & living your values. For her, it is not about money, but the wealth that comes from being true to yourself & nature.  The best things in life are for free & we all are able to create this in abundance.

As well as helping clients at her clinic Susie has used her knowledge to create a unique range of Herb Doctor’s Organic Body & Skin Care products.  These products have been trialed & tested through her naturopathic clinic since 1995 resulting in outstanding products using rare combinations of organic ingredients designed to give people the best results possible.

All the products are natural and preservative free.  They are available from the clinic & Susie has also made them available online by request.  Many of her products are ‘made to order’ ensuring the ingredients are fresh and suitable for different skin types. All of her products contain natural herbs & essential oils.

Herb Doctor has taught natural skin care making courses at community centres & sometimes does garden walks through her herb garden explaining the different uses of plants for cooking or medicinal.

With 20 years of experience she stands out from the multi national companies trying to market their products as natural and organic. Herb Doctor is the real deal with  a large herbal dispensary & a small laboratory at her finger tips .

Herb Doctor hand makes all products ensuring their efficacy.   She has worked with chemists to keep the products as natural & stable as possible for the commercial market place. Herb Doctor Products have also been exported overseas!


  • All Herb Doctor ingredients are sourced from the highest quality that nature provides.
  • All products are manufactured in Australia
  • All bottles & labels are made in Australia!
  • All Herb Doctor products will never be compromised with synthetics and will always have a natural preservative base.

Using Certified Organic ingredients & high quality herbal extracts creates beautiful, natural products for pets & people.

What makes these products nourishing, wholesome & not irritating to skin is about the chemical ingredients we leave out of the products, including artificial colours!!!!!

Nature provides & the chemical companies copy nature! Why choose a fake when you can have the real thing?

Herb Doctor’s mail order service is available to Australian & International customers! Payments via paypal is essential for International customers.

Note: Retail prices for Herb Doctor’s products may vary from state to state due to freight charges.

Chemicals and Ingredients to Avoid