Skin Care

Food prodct range 001Herb Doctor is a qualified Herbalist & Naturopath who has been treating people and animals since 1995 with great success. This has led her to formulate her product range for skin care using the best that nature provides. As the environment is cleansed and refreshed, this also makes for healthy living! Herb Doctor’s Body Food, Face Food,  Hair Food, Heel Food, Feet Food, Lip Food, Neck Food & Hand Food Range is available to order on the PRODUCTS MADE TO ORDER PAGE.  Go to Shop scroll down to Products made to order.      This range has been made to order for specific skin types since 1995.  All products are made from a vegetable base blended with herbal extracts, essential oils & nourishing oils.  The Heel Food & Lip Food does contain bees wax usually sourced from Herb Doctor’s bee’s! All ingredients are of the highest organic quality available.

Products are free of sulfates and nasties.

All organic Herbs are Australian Certified Organic and free of genetic modification.

Herb Doctor’s Skin Care range can be purchased direct from Herb Doctor. Contact us for more information.