Invest in your health!

Harvest from Nature!

This photo album on Facebook is all photos taken from delicious & wholesome ORGANIC vegetables, herbs & fruit harvested from my back yard! It is about enjoying seasonal fruit & vegetables when in season & storing them for later in the year! There is always something in my pantry or freezer that has been harvest from the garden. From fresh dry Garlic to Garlic that has been marinated in Olive Oil! Berries, fruits, vegetables & seeds as well. Also in the freezer I have Beetroot & Zucchini Lasange which also has beans, parsley, capscium, tomatoes & a varity of other herbs & vegetables in them. Every batch is different! Always fruit in the freezer from poached apples, plums, rhubarb, to freshly frozen blueberries, raspberries, red & black currents as well.

I also use some of the herbs, honey, beeswax & other ingredients I grow for the Herb Doctor Face Food, Body Food & personal care products! This is how I developed the Herb Doctor Brand from Pet Care to Personal Care “FOOD RANGE” products, over 25 years ago! Many clients at my clinic that used products all those years ago still use them to this day!
This is a passion & encourage all that come into my naturopathic & herbal centre to grow something! Please enjoy this Album & Invest in your Health & Harvest from Nature!


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