Peta in WA says thanks for the great natural products. Even better they are registered threw Choose Cruelty Free. Thanks for the awsome service!!

Jo from W.A!  great natural products gentle on my pets skin & nourishing to my pets coat!

Sharon NSW! Thanks Herb Doctor great service wonderful natural products! Congratulations for formulating a natural range of products for my pets!

Richard NSW! I have 6 toy poodles, just love the Herb Doctor Range of products, my pets get bathed every 2 weeks, their coats are smooth & soft! I live in a bush environment where there are ticks & flees! My pets never have a problem with these pest due to using Herb Doctor 2 in 1 Shampoo!

Bek NSW: Thanks Herb Doctor me & my pets love your gentle products, some products burn my pets skin & they are in pain from the redness! Using your products they are so happy!

Lyn Cessnock NSW: Thanks Herb Doctor for making such great products! I get them from Ritchies Supa IGA.  My dogs are so much happier since using your range, other products stripped there skin & hair back & caused server rashes. Now with using your products skin is back to normal & all their hair has grown back!! They are so much happier.. Thank you!

Michelle  Nunawading Victoria: Herb Doctor just to let you know my dog Ruffous use to hate been bathed he use to smell the products then make a run for it!! He always cried when I bathed him!  Well now I use your Doggy No Tears Shampoo on Ruffous & he just stands there & lets me bath him, he does not cry no more!! Now that’s really Doggy No Tears.. Thank you!

Jewel Springvale Victoria: Just wanted to say a big thank you Herb Doctor, I have been using your products on my dogs for years now! Jack has a wiry coat & does have server skin conditions, with your product his coat is softer & his skin is not a major problem anymore!! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!